Canadian school to train students in the arts of cannabis cultivation

Training is scheduled to begin next year in New Brunswick, where two companies plan to open cannabis production sites.

Training graduates in marijuana grow operations: this is the project of the New Brunswick Community College in Canada. This French-language post-secondary institution has announced that it is preparing a program to meet the growing demand for cannabis in the country’s maple leaf… maple leaf. In a country where “fumer du cannabis sans tabac” is a must, there have been many new developments over the last few months.

loads of canna related jobsCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no stranger to the “boom” of smoking and pot in this country. Indeed, the former Liberal leader of the Liberal Party elected in 2015 as head of government promised to campaign to legalize the recreational use of marijuana from the spring of 2017, when therapeutic use is already authorized. There are less than six months left to prepare for the market opening.

Two marijuana production companies are moving to New Brunswick: Organigram and ZĂ©nabis. The college has partnered with government and the business to develop a new program that meets the broader needs of the industry,” said Michel Doucet, Executive Director of Continuing Education at the New Brunswick Community College on Radio Canada.

The first promotion of cannabis cultivation specialists is expected to start in 2017. Its size will depend on the needs of companies when they start operations. However, two profiles are emerging, with specialists in hemp sprouting and quality control managers, with teaching in French and English. Notice to candidates.

2018 Legalization around the corner

Current thinking in the various Canadian provinces on the future legalization of cannabis in 2018 is currently worrying supporters of legalization. Prohibition of self-culture, the state monopoly on alcoholics, abolition of private clinics… Canadians fear today that legalization will only benefit a small group of people and not necessarily those who fought for it.

Canada is slowly moving towards the legalization of cannabis in July 2018. However, the medical cannabis industry did not wait for this opening to become the largest in the world: it exports enormously internationally.

Canada has become the world’s leading exporter of medical cannabis. And is positioned in all new markets, thanks to a few companies: Tilray, Aurora, Canopy Growth (and its subsidiaries Bedrocan Canada and Tweed), Aphria or others…And there are quite a lot of countries where Canadia is exporting their product!

Canadian medical companies have a bright future ahead of them. It is noteworthy that they are aimed in particular at Europe, which is just beginning to make progress in the medical sector, with no real production capacity. This competitive advantage, the first-incomer advantage, is expected to continue over the next 5-10 years. In the meantime, the international cannabis market is estimated to be worth between $100 billion and $200 billion a year, with the medical market accounting for half the value of it!