Chrome 67, here is the list of new features.

Chrome 67, the latest update of the web browser gets rid of passwords thanks to a new identification system. It can be based on a device such as a fingerprint sensor on smartphones. Other novelties concern virtual reality features and more, discover the complete list by reading the following article.

Chrome updates to version 67, Google announces some new features. Most of them are mainly aimed at developers. However, the research giant has decided to take a new step that will make life easier for all users. The new version will make it possible to get rid of the old password in favor of an alternative method which requires a device connected in Bluetooth as the smartphone for example. WebAuthn, an API is now integrated into the new version of Chrome.

Chrome 67: discover the list of new features of the new version of the web browser

Services compatible with this device can open up new authentication possibilities to their users. There is, of course, the biometric sensor, but we can also consider using facial recognition, which is very popular with Apple with the iPhone X or the recent Xiaomi Mi 8, the first Android smartphone to be equipped with a 3D sensor. Of course, the WebAuthn standard is not only present on Chrome since we also find it at its competitor Firefox 60 Quantum. Here is the list of other new features introduced with Chrome 67 :

  • Progressive Web Apps land on the computer browser
  • Generic sensor API facilitates access to sensors on devices such as accelerometer, gyroscope and more
  • WebXR: an API dedicated to virtual reality
  • Better security by compartmentalizing the processes launched within the web browser

Many new features especially for developers for this latest version of Chrome. WebXR supports virtual reality, augmented and mixed, it is developed by Mozilla who already uses it on Firefox. The deployment of the update is already underway. We have seen that we already have Chrome 67 on our side. Google, in particular, is making efforts to improve the battery life of mobile equipment using Chrome. So far Microsoft Edge has done better in this area.

Watch the following promotional video to know more about these new features: