iMac Pro: amazing speed in the first tests and benchmarks

The next Mac targeted at professionals, the iMac Pro, has reached monstrous speeds; that’s what emerged. The data comes from GeekBench where the results of two machines that would be just two iMac Pro machines appeared.

The first, an 8-core core, would have scored 23,536, the highest score ever seen, of course, for any iMac. Performance would be 21% higher than today’s most powerful iMac, the 4.2 GHz 5K with an average score of 19,336.

iMac Pro means high-performance

bbznxbbeubreryetrtafvabfddjkdeeeSeeing the speed of the 12-core iMac Pro, a Mac in the mid-range, we have monstrous results: 35,917 points that sweep even the latest model of the Cupertino based firm.

It should be noted that, in these tests, the 18 core model is still missing. We are sure that this machine will leave everyone open-mouthed and will burn any other competitor, giving the edge too many other devices on the market today, even very high-end ones.

Now we are all waiting for the release of this new iMac Pro that has scored so high and unprecedentedly. We look forward to 2018 for further developments.

Benchmarks show specially adapted Xeon chips

An exciting aspect to emphasize is what emerges from the benchmarks; the Xeon processor used by iMac Pro is calibrated on clock speeds lower than Intel’s standard products. It may be due to the heat dissipation problems that Apple’s compact machine, like the one Apple, is preparing to present, is more complicated than those devices that have the usual tower or mini-tower shape.

Benchmarks have now revealed Macs that work with hitherto unknown Intel chips – which suggests that they are not “Hackintosh.”

These are computers with an 8-core 3.2 GHz Xeon chip with the model designation W2140B and a 10-core Xeon chip with 3.0 GHz and the designation W2150B chip. The “B” variants of these chips have not been known so far; it is likely to be processors adapted by Intel for Apple – which apparently works at a slightly lower clock frequency to limit the heat build-up in the compact all-in-one iMac package. You will of course still need to do regular maintenance on your websites and use a software such as clean my mac 3 avis!

Even if the chips are obviously clocked down a bit, geekbench results are impressive: The 8-core model achieves a value of 23,536 points in the multi-core test – significantly more than the fastest iMac to date, the current Retina 5K iMac with 4.2 GHz 4-core Core i7 processor, which “only” reaches 19,336 points.