Introducing the DJI Mavic Air

dji mavic air droneOver the years of producing cutting-edge drones, DJI has earned the moniker of being “The Apple of Drones”. DJI Mavic Air is yet another impressive drone from their assembly lines with superb features.

The first experience of using the drone makes you love it instantly.

The Quickshot feature enables you to capture Holywood-quality video footage by simply pressing a button while the Boomerang feature lets you command the drone to hover around an object and take awesome close shots.

This top drone has been mainly recommended to photography newbies, but racers can find it to be a valuable tool for capturing shots in its Sports Mode at a blistering speed of 42 mph.


12MP Photos and 4K Video capturing capability
3-Axis Gimbal-Stabilized movable Camera
Vision and GPS Position-Based Navigation
8GB Internal Storage
Flight Autonomy made possible by obstacle Detection and avoidance capability
Maximum speed of 43mph in the Sport Mode
21 Minutes battery life
Foldable, compact and portable Body
Charger dock supporting multiple batteries

Mavic Air has one fascinating difference from its older yet more professional sibling Mavic Pro in that Mavic Air’s cameras sturdier while that in Mavic Pro is fragile.


1. Incredibly portability makes this drone an excellent option for photography when you are traveling to the most remote places to which you need to carry few devices.

2. With 21 minutes battery life, this drone can last longer in the air than other drones in its class. Besides, you need just 50 minutes of charging time to return to your aerial photography adventure.

3. It has a solid camera performance that ensures capture of HD overhead footages

4. The rugged construction of the drone is sturdy enough to withstand bruising impacts and scratches.

5. The charger dock allows you to charge more than one battery. It is an excellent opportunity to charge all your batteries simultaneously so that you can last longer in the air.

6. The stabilizing rig is superior to most other drones in its class and slightly better offer compared to that in Mavic Pro

take amazing panoramas


1. Compared to Mavic Pro, Mavic Air has a much shorter range.

2. The drone comes with connection quirks that could have been easily avoided such having two different USB versions to perform two tasks. Instead of one unified USB option.

3. Regarding raw specs, the camera of the drone lags behind those of its peers.

Warranty Information

The drone has a 2-year warranty which looks normal. Second party owners are not eligible for the warranty.


DJI Mavic Air is certainly not the best drone out there, but it is still the best drone ever to roll out of DJI assemblies. All the right boxes about this drone are checked. The fiercest competitor to this drone is its stablemate Mavic Pro.

All things considered, Mavic Air still has impressive features compared with its predecessor especially the groundbreaking obstacle avoidance feature and its robust 8GB storage space.

Therefore, it is a drone I can recommend to anyone except if camera resolution is a factor in which case I would recommend the Mavic Pro.