Who Are Some Successful Tech Entrepreneurs And What Are Their Secrets To Success?

Those who are interested in technology definitely want to know about the secrets of the successful tech entrepreneurs. Their success can help others to aspire for the best in the field of technology. The definition of success is different with each individual. These entrepreneurs also offered various important tips in various interviews that will definitely help one to launch a successful tech startup and improve everyone’s life in general. To know more about their secret to success that they have shared in various interviews, this article will take a look at some successful entrepreneurs and what are their secrets to success.


A Look At Some Successful Tech Entrepreneurs And Their Secrets To Success:

  • According to Billionaire tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the money and connection doesn’t work but the person should be willing to outwork and outlearn others for the business. In case if the business fails, then one should learn from it and do better next time.
  • According to tech entrepreneur Steve Case, one is not trying something to do marginally or incrementally better but something which is fundamental paradigm shift, which is going to have an exponential impact. Although it may be harder to do, but if one is successful then the impact will be far greater.
  • To Robert Scoble, who is a tech blogger, one should be extremely passionate about their idea. And unless someone is not passionate, they will not be able to develop the potential.
  • According to tech investor and entrepreneur Esther Dyson, many people now days are building products and not companies and those who want to build companies should be able to feel as a part of their company and know what the company is trying to do and understand their role in the company.
  • According to the founder of Blackberry, Mike Lazaridis, the tech company should have a visionary leadership that is capable of attracting and inspire the dedicated employees who believe in the destiny of the company and they want to play a role in the success of the company. The greatness will also require customer based marketing and it should meet and anticipate the needs of the customers. The technology company should also be focused on providing the customers with quality products and real value.

  • According to the co-founder of HTC, Cher Wong, the X factor is very hard to define and it is the culture of HTC and HTC combines the best from the eastern and western cultures where they have leaderships and offices. It makes culture, creative, energetic and colourful.
  • According to author and the Ex Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, there is only hard work and luck. The search for the secret sauce is waste of time. One should create something, sell it, make it better and sell some more from it and create something that will obsolete from what one used to make.

These are some of the best shared secrets from the best tech investors, bloggers and entrepreneurs that will definitely aspire one to achieve the best.